Sensory Fun Awaits

Parents, meet your secret weapon for baby joy – The TumTime!

This nifty sensory toy makes tummy time a blast, encouraging little ones to lift and explore.

⭐︎ Crafted with eco-friendly materials, it's the cool, safe choice for your baby's developmental dance.

⭐︎ Pediatrician-approved and playfully designed, it's not just a toy – it's a joy ride for your baby's growth.

Get ready for giggles, grabs, and growth with The TumTime!

Watch to see how the TumTime was born

TumTime Testimonials

"This has been an absolute gem. We had a wooden tummy time mirror but it kept falling over :( My boy loves his TumTime wedge. He throws it, leans on it and loves the colours! Very cute guys. Great iPad holder too!" -Bron A

Why is tummy time important?

Strengthens Muscles

Tummy time helps develop and strengthen the muscles in the neck, shoulders, and upper body, aiding in the achievement of motor milestones.

Promotes Motor Skills

It encourages the development of motor skills, including lifting the head, rolling over, crawling, and eventually standing.

Enhances Visual and Sensory Development

Being on their tummy allows babies to explore their environment from a different perspective, enhancing visual and sensory development.

Builds Core Strength

Tummy time engages and builds the baby's core muscles, laying a foundation for future physical activities.

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